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Julian Garcia

Julian Garcia

From Ontario, Ca., Julian Garcia has been training in Wander Braga Jiu-Jitsu, kickboxing, karate, and boxing for three years. Garcia attends Pimpit Fight Team Academy in Upland, Ca., for his physical training and Abundant Living Family Church for his spiritual training. Garcia fights in the 145-155lb weight class, and has a CAMO record of 3-0.

Garcia is a father of two children: Kalen "King Juriah" and Giulianna Danieth. He's married to Aniekla Danieth, whom he's been with since he was just a teenager.

"My Belief is: whatever my mind can believe my mind can achieve" - Napoleon Hill

Julia Garcia Ground and Pound

Kevin "The Boom" Bostick

Kevin "The Boom" Bostick

Kevin "The Boom" Bostick – "I've used martial arts to overcome my fears in life and become the better person I am today. That's why I'm the same when I win, lose, or draw. I've already won. I may or may not make it to the big show, and I'm fine with that, because no matter how much I want it if it's not in the lords plan, then it won't happen and I am more than willing to follow the Lords plans for my life."

Born and raised in Pomona, California; as the youngest of three boys Kevin struggled to find his place and himself. As a result he was no stranger to trouble. During his teen years he spent time in and out of jail, and most of the police officers in Pomona knew him by first name! Kevin graduated from High School while spending time in a youth detention center, but it was only after spending time in prison when he finally made a decision to turn his life around. It was while in a Jeet Kune Do class at Mt. San Antonio College during one summerthat Kevin fell in love with martial arts. He began his training with Wander Braga in Upland, Ca, in Jiu-jitsu and it was there he met Jerbo Nerney and Peter Hahn, his current MMA trainers. During a brief relocation to Victorville, Ca. Kevin trained with Thomas Denny where he learned how to take a punch, but hehas only every really wanted to train with Wander Braga's team. In 2009 Kevin made his amateur debut in mixed martial arts, scoring a victory in the first round by technical knockout after one minute and fourty-four seconds, and ended with a 5-3 record. In July 2010, Kevin made his professional debut with an impressive knockout in the first round. After being sidelined with injuries, Kevin is now looking towards his next fight; his professional record is now 1:1. One of the most difficult things about fighting professional is the sacrifices that Kevin has to make. Kevin must often go many days without spending time with his wife and children. In spite of all the challenges he faces, Kevin will continue to press forward in pursuit of his dream. God gives everyone talents and no one should waste them. Those talents should be put to use to bring honor and glory to God.

Alexander Arslan

Alexander Arslan Victory Alexander Arslan Match Preperation

Alexander George Arslan was born in Iraq, Bagdad on August 5th, 1991. Raised by his single mother in Southern California, Alexander is the youngest of three boys. He excelled in football and wrestling during high school years. He is currently competing in Mixed Martial Arts and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, while learning the fundamentals in the sport of Muay Thai. After graduating high school, he was getting ready to try out for college football at Mt. San Antonio College, but instead was encouraged by his fellow teammate/friend, Christopher Reyes, to attempt Mixed Martial Arts. After his first week of training at the Pimpit Fight Team Academy he was determined to adapt the sport of Mixed Martial Arts. and compete as fast as he could. He began training in March of 2011 and made a goal to himself: to fight as soon as possible. He won his first fight by split decision in October of 2011, and lost his second in December of 2011. He is currently training in the cage, and also to grow as a fighter to conquer how far his heart and willpower will go. Alexander states: “I have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Every day I learn something new at the academy and try to implement it into my day to day life. I am glad I joined the sport of Mixed Martial Arts at a young age, and also joining Pimpit Fight Team Academy, so I can grow and adapt to the art of the sport as I mature every day as a fighter and as a human being.”

“Praise Be To the Lord, My Rock, Who Trains My Hands for War, My Fingers for Battle.” Psalm 144:1