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Wander Braga

Professor Wander Braga, 4th degree black belt. Biography coming soon.

Wander BragaWander BragaWander Braga

Wander "The Crusher" Braga is a jiu-jitsu practitioner for 26 years, having been an apprentice of the legendary master Rickson Gracie and being formed as black belt by Master Jorge Pereira 17 years ago. Throughout more than two decades of experience, Wander resided for more than 10 years in Los Angeles, where he promoted many fights and taught in-depth classes and training sessions at the LA Boxing Club and LA Xtreme academy for four years, Homeland Security Department and at the prestigious Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). He founded the gyms MMA Fight Forum and Gauntlet BJJ / MMA, and he is the master of UFC fighter Gabriel "Napão" Gonzaga.

Wander Braga was born in Rio De Janeiro Brazil and is a 4th degree Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu under Jorge Pereira & Rickson Gracie. Wander has been training jiu-jitsu for over two decades. These are some of his acomplishments:
2008 No-Gi Worlds Bjj Lightweight World Champion
2008 No-Gi Worlds Bjj Absolute Div. 2nd Place Champion
2007 No-Gi Worlds Lightweight 2nd Place Champion
2001 Pro Am Grappling Super Fight Champion
1999 Worlds Bjj Lightweight 3rd Place Champion
1999 Pan Am Bjj Lightweight 2nd Place Champion
1996 Pan Am Bjj lightweight 3rd Place Champion
plus multi x {FJJRJ} Bjj Champion Rio De Janeiro
1999 ADCC Qualifier in Rio De Janeiro
1999 & 1998 National Bjj Champion {CBJJ} & {LBJJ)

Wander Braga is a Mixed Martial Artist with a Pro record of 16-1 8 time Vale Tudo Champion 2004 2x KOTC Champion 2003 WEC Champion

To learn more, click here to visit Wander Braga's personal website.

Jerbo Nerney

Jerbo Nerney Black BeltProfessor Jerbo Nerney began his martial arts training in 1994 at The Alliance Group (Personal Protection Agency) where he studied Ninpo Tiajutsu and obtained a Personal Protection Agent Certificate from the State of California. Professor Nerney began training Muay Thai in 1995 with Brain Dobbler of the Thai Boxing Association of the United States.
Jerbo Nerney Wander Braga BJJDuring that same period he was training with Richard Van Donk in Escrima and Ninjitsu and obtained his second degree black belt.

Professor Nerney earned his first black belt in Budo Taijutsu in 1998. He obtained his second degree black belt and then trained in Japan with Soke (Grand Master) Hatsumi. after 13 years with Soke Hatsumi, he obtained his 6th degree black belt in Budo Taijitsu.
In 2007, he began training with Wander Braga at the Gauntlet BJJ Academy in Upland California. He has continued under Wander Braga to this day. Professor Nerney obtained his Brasilian Jiujitsu black belt in Brasil from Professor Wander Braga in Rio de Janeiro in 2013.  

Jerbo Nerney BJJ

Experience in the Martial Arts & MMA:

Brown Belt accomplishments:

2012 Bronze Medal IBJJF Pan Am Championship

2012 Silver Medal IBJJF American Nationals Championship

Black Belt accomplishments:

2013 Silver Medal IBJJF Long Beach Fall International Open

12 yrs. Submission Fighing 7-0 Pro record in Japan

2014 Double Gold Medals IBJJF Las Vegas Spring International Open

2014 Double Silver Medals IBJJF Las Vegas Summer International Open

2014 Gold Medal IBJJF American National Championship

Professor Jerbo Nerney currently holds the following ranks:

Roku Dan (6th degree black belt) in Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu under Grand Master Soke Masaaki Hatsumi

Black Belt in Kobudo Jujutsu

Black Belt in BJJ under Professor Wander Braga

Years of martial arts experience:

13 years Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu

4 ½ years Kobudo Jujutsu

10 years BJJ

17 years Muay Thai

12 years MMA and Submission Fighting

4 years Escrima

Jerbo Nerney BJJ

Iggy Sanchez

Iggy SanchezIggy Sanchez is our head Muay Thai and Kickboxing instructor. He has over ten years of training in the sport of Muay Thai and MMA. He studied the art of Muay Thai Iggy Sanchez for five years directly under Master Thonglor, and has also trained and instructed in top academies such as Team Alpha Male in Sacramento California and American Top Team in Long Island, New York. He took his passion for instructing to Queens, New York, where he opened his own Muay Thai and Crossfit Gym. He ran his successful business for almost five years before moving back to California to be closer to family. Iggy has now made Upland MMA his home where he coaches our Professional and Amateur fight team. His experience allows him to work with a wide range of students including kids, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Iggy is also a Nationally Certified Fitness and Sports Trainer and is well experienced in working with athletes on strength and condition as well as fight preparation.

Nathaniel Raney

Iggy SanchezNathaniel Raney, is the assistant instructor of the Muay Thai and kids classes. He has had a love of martial arts since he was child after watching the Jean-Claude movies and old Ramon Dekkers fights. He began his training under Professor Nerney in late 2010. Nathaniel is a four stripe white belt under Professor Nerney and hopes to earn his blue belt soon to also make his amateur kickboxing debut in the near future.