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Class Schedule

MMA Class Schedule

Mixed Martial Arts Classes

As seen on competitions such as UFC and Pride, Mixed Martial Arts is a full-contact combat hybrid consisting of martial disciplines such as Brazilian jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai kickboxing, boxing, wrestling, judo, and various other practices. Since the sport hit the mainstream in the early 90's, there has been vast improvements in relation to how competitors are trained and the safety involved in matches. The sport no longer resembles Vale Tudo, or “anything goes,” style bouts. There are strict rules as to what behaviors are allowed in a match. Modern practitioners blend several forms of martial arts to win tournaments, but also to defend themselves in a match and on the street. It can be argued that MMA is less dangerous than boxing, a popular American pastime, because much less blows are aimed towards the head and competitors have a diverse way of defending themselves.

Wander Braga Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Classes

Brazilian Jiu-Jutsu is the ultimate ground fighting martial art because it allows a smaller fighter to defend themselves against larger and more powerful fighters by using grappling techniques such as chokes and joint-locks. Wander Braga BJJ has applications in martial arts, competition, and real world self defense. Here at Upland MMA we teach our students a plethora of grappling techniques, whatever their interests may be. We offer gi and no-gi classes every week. Come roll with us!

Muay Thai Kickboxing Classes

Muay Thai is the ultimate form of striking combat. Instead of the traditional Two-point contact system found in boxing, or the four-point system found in kickboxing, Muay Thai uses nearly every part of the body in an eight-point system. Effective Muay Thai combatants make effective use of their hands, shins, knees, and elbows. Another aspect that differentiates this martial art form from traditional boxing are the clinches. Fighters use clinches as an opportunity to throw knees to the body. Our trainers and fight team are both well versed in the use of this form of kickboxing and are eager to pass on their knowledge.

Youth Martial Arts Classes

Youth BJJ Class

Pimpit Fight Team Academy also offers Muay Thai kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes to youths. We strive to maintain a positive atmosphere in our gym and everyone, young and old, male and female, are welcome to come the with us. Our youth competitors have extensive success in the tournaments that they participate in. If you or your children want to learn martial arts the proper way, then Pimpit is the best place to begin.